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Monster Hunting: Y is for Yeti

March 29th, 2018

Sometimes God (with a capital G) smiles on you. I know not all hunters believe, but when we face literal demons, I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch for the opposite side to exist. Anyways, that’s a long way to say that some force saw fit to let me win a sizeable scratch off. I don’t consider myself lucky, so when a scratch-off was left on my windshield, I figured why the hell not?

So, that’s how I’ve found myself at a little bit of a ritzy resort up in the mountains. The ski season’s winding down, so the place is a bit on the quiet side, which is fine by me. I could use some quiet downtime. Feels like I’ve been going nonstop this year, which, looking back through my journal, I kind of have been. I think, at most, I’ve had a week off between hunts?

Anyways, some downtime’ll do me some good. Even if it’s only for a few days. Did I mention, dear journal, that this place has a spa?


March 30th, 2018

Masseuse said something weird today. We were talking about local stories, and she said that this area is known for some pretty brutal winters and that some skiers and hikers have heard yowls and howls out in the mountains, especially around dusk.

Perhaps my finding that scratch-off wasn’t entirely a beneficial turn of luck. Fate, if she exists, is fickle and likely dropped me here to help with a hunt. It sometimes sucks being a slightly paranoid hunter with a streak of curiosity long enough to kill sixteen cats.

That being said, it’s now research time. I’m doing something I should’ve done before coming out here: making sure it’s empty of nasty things that go bump in the night.

Live and learn, right?

When you forget to look up
what might be lurking in the hills,
Call an expert.

March 31st, 2018

Okay. It’s a yeti, or a pack of dire wolves (given the reports of howls and yowling in the mountain). Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but there’s also been a track record of hikers and locals who ventured up into the mountains going missing. Not enough to shut down the tourist aspect of the place, obviously, but a telling pattern when you check it out.

I asked the concierge for a map of the surrounding trails, specifically the ones that went higher into the mountains from the top of the ski lift. I politely ignored the amused look on his face since I wasn’t exactly dressed for a late winter hike into the mountains, but he provided me with the map and a discount card to an outfitter on the resort.

I used the last of my scratch-off funds to get the appropriate warm weather gear. I intend to do some hiking tomorrow and see what I can find. Patty recommended bringing fire. Yetis are apparently vulnerable to it, but a simple torch won’t do the trick. I’m packing a flare gun and a couple cans of hair spray. Not the most elegant flame thrower, I’ll admit, but it can be effective. Especially if I’m just using it in a defensive nature. I’ll admit that this planned hiking is more exploratory in nature than actually seeking to end whatever haunts this place.

If I happen to tackle it here and now, awesome though.


April 1st, 2018

Local cops wanted to know why I was hauling a bunch of hairspray around the hiking trail. They didn’t buy that I was just a traveling salesman.

They didn’t question the flare given my hiking outfit.

Not sure how much I appreciate their nosiness though. Most of the time when law enforcement gets into a hunter’s business, it doesn’t end terribly well for the hunter. I know a number of towns I’m not precisely welcomed in thanks to bumping into the wrong cop at the wrong time.

It sucks that our job is so essential (and often aligned with police’s serve and protect), but is just as often illegal.

Long way to say: I’ll be going back out tomorrow, but taking the back trails. Fortunately, the weather’s predicted to be nice. I asked the masseuse to mark where her clients had reported hearing the howling on my map and I’ll focus on those areas.


April 3rd, 2018

Okay, so I’m glad the cops actually stopped me, and one insisted on going with me out into the wilderness. It’s rare, but true. She insisted on following me on my hike and halfway through the frozen mountainous waste we came across a shaggy, white beast with dark purple hands that ended in sharp, black claws. It seemed to blend into the snowy terrain despite its near on 10 foot height. And it was fast, moving atop the snow as though it were solid like some Tolkien elf.

I tell you, if it weren’t for the cop and her quickdraw skills and my flare gun, I likely wouldn’t be here to write this entry.

We barely escaped without injury, though I’m going to need a new jacket (I never really thought of a leather jacket as armor, but it totally is).

Definitely a lesson learned there that could be relearned by we modern hunters: invest in armor. It needn’t be chainmail or plate or even hardened leather like some medieval warrior.

Modern armor comes in the form of road leathers, dirtbike jackets, and flak vests.

Speaking of armament and armor, the officer who’s good side I am now on is going back out with me in a couple days. Said it’d take that long to get us the proper weaponry to deal with this threat. I told her to pack fire not just firepower.


April 5th, 2018

Just got back and not only did the officer deliver (dragon’s breath shotgun rounds to back up my flare and homemade flamethrowers), she really kicked some ass. Just kind of wish we hadn’t blown through all of the shotgun rounds.

She also sang my praises to the resort staff and the local station. It’s not often I get to actually feel like a hero. I definitely don’t do this job for the praise and accolades, but it doesn’t hurt when it lands at my feet.

Also helps that the resort’s comped my room for another week or so as appreciation for my deed.

Now time to truly rest.

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