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Monster Hunting: X is for Xenomorph(?)

If a hunter calls claiming al

July 4th, 2019

Okay. When a friend calls with a weird tale, you listen, you hear? Or read… whatever, you can hear this in my voice in your head.

If a hunter friend calls, texts, emails, writes, or smoke signals that there’s something weird going on, you listen.

If you’re in the area, you respond and go to help. Billie isn’t someone to make outlandish claims, so when he said a xenomorph had landed in his back yard, it was up to me to go figure things out.

I got in yesterday and am holed up in his attic. So, he texted me referencing a movie. When I talked with him he told me it was a xenomorph that lunged out and almost got him. He specified that it wasn’t like the one from the 1979 movie, just that it was dark and articulated like it.

He had a difficult describing it after that, but could readily show me wounds it’d left. While the xenomorph(?) from the film was way better known for its bite wounds, I could see how the quad-claw scratches (they weren’t quite deep enough for me to declare them gashes like he’d told me) could come from one of its mitts. To say I’m at a bit of a loss is an understatement, but there’s one tried and true method to getting to the bottom of something: research.

Billie has an impressive collection of local history books that I’m going to delve through for the rest of the evening, then head out to where he had his ‘close encounter’ tomorrow afternoon. He said it happened at dusk, so I’m hoping that visiting the scene at a different time will let me investigate with a lessened chance of being attacked.

Billie’ll also have my back out there.


July 5th, 2019

So, history has random disappearances at random intervals. Each were preceded by glowing orbs of light. I’ll admit that since this is coming from a series of tabloids, I’m a little skeptical, but weirder things’ve happened.

Maybe aliens are real and one’s here abducting folk. Maybe this is a hotspot for aliens. Billie sure thinks so. I can’t say I’m surprised given what’s written and the spot he said he encountered the xenomorph. See the place was out in a field (stereotypical, I know) and the wheat was all flattened making an iconic crop circle. So, evidence is stacking despite the questionable written sources.

We didn’t get a lot of time to look around (Billie was understandably hesitant to go back out and I took the opportunity to do some more reading), so I’ll be going back tomorrow on my own to do a more thorough search of the area.


July 6th, 2019

Okay, get this, I found a scrap of paper out by Billie’s assault scene. It has arcane scrawling on it that looks familiar. I can’t quite place it though. Should be able to figure it out with some more digging through.


Never hesitate to ask an expert. Especially if it's free.

July 7th, 2019

Okay. So, I’m going to write this down officially: screw faeries. Glamour is such a tricky thing that masks the nature of the fae and in this particular instance, lets this kidnapper appear to be a xenomorph snatching people. Its intentions are alien (though Kelsie said she was pretty sure its intention was to bolster its army in Arcadia with human slaves), but that doesn’t make it an alien. I mean, fae aren’t of this world or reality or whatever you want to call it so I guess that does…

Rabbit hole.

Anyways. While I’m no expert at dealing with a member of the fae, I’ve got a little experience in the realm. They’re weak to iron and the colder forged (fancy way of saying beaten into shape without a fiery forge). Depending on the fae, might be weak to sunlight or moonlight… I’m guessing this one is stronger at night since that’s when the abductions occur. So I’ll head out and see if I can find its lair during the day. Kelsie said that it might not lair on this side of the hedge (I didn’t see any shrubberies), but I’m hedging (see what I did there?) my bets. If I can catch it snoozing, all the better. Its getting late tonight, so the hunt’ll wait until tomorrow.

I’ve told Billie and he’s going to watch my back, but still thinks it was an alien, one with acid for blood and kidnaps people to reproduce.

That last bit might be somewhat true given fae.


July 8th, 2019

Okay. So that could’ve gone better.

We went out to the scene of the assault and did more searching. I found another scrap of paper with fae script on it. It was about that time that the sun dimmed, yeah freaky right?, and lights appeared in the sky overhead. It was a distraction technique as the beast, black and articulated, burst from the wheat.

I know, a little from experience now, that fae come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this one definitely looked like a order of a xenomorph from the movie Alien.

It lunged at me and I’m glad I had Billie there with me as it didn’t go for a snatch and grab like the stories implied. And its claws’re sharp and I’ll have a few scars on my thigh, really far closer to my femoral than I’m comfortable with.

Billie socked it with his club and knocked it away and it escaped into the wheat while we retreated.

I’m not ready to give this fight up, but I can’t say I’m eager to get back into it either.


Call for help. it's better than ending up dead.

July 11th, 2019

Okay, took a party of Billie, Colby, Kelsie and I going out there to take it down. There’s definitely something to the old adage of “strength in numbers.” With four experienced hunters armed to the teeth with foreknowledge and appropriate weaponry, we went in and came back out without a scratch.

Kelsie confirmed the presence of a thin spot in some hedge but couldn’t say more than that. She said she and Colby’d stick around and do some more investigating to figure things out.

I think I’ve earned a little bit of R&R to let my near fatal gash heal up.

It’s great having friends.

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