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Monster Hunting: K is for Kuri

When a friend in need calls, you answer.

December 20th, 2018

I thought I’d be spending this Christmas hunting alone. Turns out, I might spend it burying a friend.

Jaysee gave me the run down. She was out hiking just the other day and came home with a chill she couldn’t shake. A day later and she heard whispering in her ear. The day after that, the whispering was closer and she contacted me.

Sounds a little bit like it might be a form of Banshee. They latch onto victims and leech away their will to live. But it doesn’t fully fit. See, a Banshee doesn’t typically attach to a host quietly. It’s a forceful scream and hard to miss.

She seems to be suffering from a similar fate though. Her pallor is draining and general will fleeting.

I got in a little later than I’d anticipated, so thorough research will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ll start my digging tonight though.


December 21st, 2018

Well, this is weird. Jaysee’s pallor is improving. She said she’s feeling a little better but the whispers are near constant for her now and she says she’s seeing things at the edges of her vision.

That seems to be two different directions for the same entity. I’m not used to seeing something like this happen. Maybe it’s a Christmas Miracle?

I mean, it wouldn’t be outside of the realm of expectation, but it definitely isn’t something I’d expect. I mean, I know demons and devils are real, so angels and Godly miracles must be.

Doesn’t feel right for this situation though. And this isn’t the first case.

Deep breath.

Doesn’t happen often, but a handful of unexplained deaths have occurred here. Some SIDS, especially looking a century ago, and some disappearances, but nothing at regular intervals. Here’s the highlights:

  • Noel Janberry walked out into the woods and found dead. Official cause: exhaustion.

  • Paul Turner found babbling to himself on the western edge of town. Later succumbed to injuries related to exposure.

  • Halle Noman died of exposure in the woods to the west.

  • Naomi Getsop found on the verge of collapse in the forest. Later died of starvation with a side of exhaustion. After clawing her own eyes out.

Catch the pattern? Any number of people who had suspicious deaths in the last century died in the forest out to the west of town.

In the same area that Jaysee said she’d gone hiking. Perhaps whatever attached to her also attached to those other poor souls and drove them back out into the woods for some reason. I’m guessing, and it’s just a guess at this point, that the disappearances are likely victims of this thing that simply weren’t found or caught prior to walking out into the forest.

I’m going to post what I’ve found to my usual spots and see if anyone has better insight.


December 22nd, 2018

Jason said this sounds like a Kuri. No real idea what that is, but didn’t stop me from researching.

90% of a hunt is research. 9% is walking. 1% is actual fighting. It’s not nearly as glamorous or exciting as an outsider might think it is.

Jaysee has started babbling to herself. I think it’s a step in wrong direction. Especially since some past victims were found babbling before succumbing to other things. She hasn’t tried to take a walk yet, but I’d be willing to gamble that’s coming.

When you need an expert...

... you call in an expert.

December 23rd, 2018

Caught Jaysee walking down the street. She shrieked when she looked my way and buried her face in her hands. She muttered about how I looked like a goblin. I kept out of her line of sight and brought her back home.

I’ve noticed that she keeps freaking out every time I get near. The Kuri’s entering its latter stages. If what Jason wrote is accurate, she’ll hear whispers, hallucinate the demonic goblin in place of friends and loved ones, then be driven to walk back out to where the demon first attached itself to her.

A Kuri haunts shallow or unmarked graves and a victim is compelled to return to that grave.

Father Julian’s friend should be here tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m playing sitter with Jaysee. There isn’t a lot to be done to keep her safe. The haunting takes place over a couple days, and keeping her from wandering out into the forest during the latter stage is the most important thing.

I can hunt down the beast after she’s safe. I don’t intentionally trade lives.


December 25th, 2018

Merry Christmas.

Kuri suck if they attach. Takes a full on exorcism to get them off. Fortunately, Father Faraci was up for a hike after we got Jaysee settled in. We followed the same trail that Jaysee outlined for us, and after a few hours of walking, we found the Kuri’s shallow grave. It was a good thing I brought my EMF reader, otherwise we’d likely have walked right past it.

A few feet from the path was a spot of slightly softer dirt that lit my reader up like a Christmas tree. I write soft dirt, but really, frozen earth is frozen earth and a foot down still sucked to dig through. But the work went relatively quickly with two of us.

I salted and burned the bones we found while Father Faraci read last rites and blessed the space.

With hopes, between the two of us, this particular Kuri is down for the count.

Just in time for a Christmas meal with two well deserving folk.

Evil critters may not take a day off, but saving lives is always a gift.

Merry Christmas future me or well-intentioned reader.

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