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Announcement: What's Next?

Updated: Apr 6

Yup. Here's a mid-week post for you. Try not to get too excited.

The last many, many weeks have been a blast as I've run through the alphabet from the viewpoint of a monster hunter. But the alphabet only has so many letters so, I'm posting this as a sounding board for what's to come.

But first, a quick announcement concerning the Monster Hunting series:

I'll be posting a convenient order list if you're interested in reading them again (or for the first time) in chronological order. I can't guarantee it'll grant a new perspective to the series, but it just might since I did try to sneak in some handy tidbits and callbacks/forwards as I wrote things out.

But now to the meat of this post:

As alluded above, the Monster Hunter Journal series (at least this one) is coming to an end. I never intended it to go past the alphabet, but if you're interested in more, let me know in the poll below (possibly with other monsters for me to research in the comments). Of course, these posts have been a delight to write and I hope you've enjoyed the ride.

It's not ending here. But I would like to gauge what you, my devoted readers, have an interest in. Help me to serve you (yes, you're my masters and mistresses, my muses, since you're my audience).

So, without any more beating around the bush, here's the poll:

What would you like to see in the future?

  • More Monsters! Another hunter's journal, or maybe civilians.

  • Other more traditional fiction posts

  • More travel posts!

  • The promised DnD campaign logs.

So, I realized as I put the above poll together, that I have a character limit for the options, so here's some more detail on the above:

  • Monster hunter: more journal entries. Likely won't be the same author you've come to know and love over the last six months, but I've got a whole world to play in. Maybe even a civilian's journal, someone who runs into things they're not meant to see?

  • Other Fiction: I write. I write a lot. I write long fiction, I write short fiction... If you would like to see some other, more traditional, stories, I'm happy to write them and post them here for you all to see. I'm also happy to tackle flash fiction challenges (if you have a list of challenges, I'd love to see them) to keep things fresh.

  • Travel posts: I have a back log from my trip to visit my sister in Singapore and my honeymoon with the intent of getting back to traveling and crafting more engaging travel posts. Live vicariously through my travels!

  • DnD Campaign logs: I'm running two games and on my main website I promised campaign logs. I'd post those here (once I get permission from the players involved)

  • Something else... this one needs no further explanation. You tell me what you want to see and leave it in a comment below.

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